HtmlFixture is an adapter between FitNesse and HtmlUnit for use in testing web applications. This version has new commands for DOM navigation and display and supports html frames, cookies, javascript alerts, http response statuses and Ajax

Related Projects

FitNesse provides the framework that allows creation, execution, and result display of tests and test suites via a web interface.

HtmlUnit provides the underlying library that simulates the web client. HtmlUnit is developed by Gargoyle Software Inc. Gargoyle Sofware Inc.


Dom navigation by element type, attributes, or text. Ability to navigate between html frames

Ability to make assertions about text (including matching by regular expression), child element count, node attributes, response status and headers, and javascript messages.

Extensive javascript support including ajax - even drag and drop.

Ability to configure the simulated web browser's javascript execution (or not) and error handling, ssl certificate validation (or not), timeout, and request headers